With the UK being part of Europe, the options for safes in terms of size/quantity/risk are numerous.

Safe ratings are now based on European Standards from a UK £2K to £150K (i.e. S1 to Grade V1).  Expertise/knowledge is vital in choosing the best solution in terms of specification/ locking and internal fitments.

Over the years Absolute Protection Ltd has produced a wide range of customised fittings including Pledge Units (Pawn Brokers), Deposit Facilities (Service Stations/Fast Food) and Internal Coffers (CIT Collections).

Locking is another vital factor – the basic key lock is still predominant in the UK, but digital locks can offer many features in terms of individual user codes, operating windows and audit trails.

Our associated Company is the main UK Distributor for many of the products, and also our Sussex factory manufactures customised fittings.

081110 - Multi deposit b.jpg

Typical Grade V Safe

Detail of Pledge Unit

090522 - AS 115.jpg

Internal/CIT Coffer

081231 - 12 x 12 safe.jpg


Removable Lock

Combination Safe/Security Cabinet

081110 - safe with deposit draw 2.jpg

Deposit Safe

Truck/Vehicle Safe

Rotary Trap

Capsule Deposit

Locking Options


Kaba 552R
+ Anti-Spy

Cawi Pro